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"Hans Across the Water" - 2006 Mid-West Version
  I "over heard" a discussion on the MGS@autox.team.net List one day. It involved a RE-visit of one Hans Duinhoven of The Netherlands back to the Boson, Mass area and one Clarence "Bud" Krueger and having a get-together with a return to the place of Hans' FIRST visit", the Wayside Inn in Waltham. The commencement of a "plot" STARTED!!!

Now this of course required the assistance of a co-hort or two!!

Frank "Swamprat" Krajewski was "requited" forthwith!! I told him of my idea to surprise Hans & Bud explaining that NO mention of me coming should be made!! Frank also had the added "onus" of providing me with any and all updates that might be done "off List" and this did work perfectly! After one or two of these private updates I got the idea of a "sub-plot"!!

I had noticed that MGenius Denise Thorpe was included as a "member" of this bunch and I have had a few conversations with her in the past.  Sub-plot now HATCHED!!

I had noticed from Bud's pictures of the first meeting that the Bar was far to small for this group. That WOULD mean that they would be in Main Room. Therefore I told my 2 "aides" that I would "hide" in the Bar and have my jacket ON and would set their server up to buy first round BUT that he/she would get a note from Denise which would identify her.
AFTER SAID Server gets note and order, when bringing said order server was to say:
"A gentlemen in the bar thinks that you (Denise) ARE beautiful and would like to buy you a drink. But, he also says that it might be considered rude so he would just like to buy the entire group the round."

Now, KNOWING Bud, I KNEW he would just HAVE to find said "gent" and say thanks!!!   Now, at the point of said "round of drinks" being delivered I had planned to removed my jacket and just sit with my back to the door.

Sound plausible??     And/or reasonable??

Well, no...........

Plan went south when Denise did not get my note in time!!  So "tried" Plan B which was to have Frank's lovely wife Linda do it.  Well THAT one went in the dumpers also.  As a matter of fact, she had to sneak into the bar and tell me that it wouldn't work as they already had their "drinks"---ALL non-alcoholic!!! (whats up wid dat???)  So on to Plan C (off the cuff!!)!

So I get a piece of paper and pen:
"I would like to buy the driver of that beautiful MGTD outside a cocktail.
My Great Grandfather had one just like it!!
Being as that might be considered somewhat rude,
I will buy the driver and his party a round."
Given that Bud IS driving "Lazarus" and chauffeuring Hans around I KNOW that the
original thought of Bud HAVING to do something will still work!!!

So the "note" is given to Carol (our great server) and off she goes.
I get another brew from bartender, take my jacket off, re-position my chair so that my back is to the door (I am trying to get a GOOD picture of the bar!) and continue to work the NY Time Crossword Puzzle.  
Please know that I AM wearing my signature " Just Brits " Golf Shirt!!
Click here to see what Bud "should" have seen!!
Soon I hear the clomp, clomp of a number of shoes coming down the hallway outside of the bar!! There IS this BOOMING voice having a discussion about thanking some stranger for the drinks!
I hear the group enter the bar and Bud boom out: "Bartender, who is the gentleman that bought us the drinks?" and Bud is in a bee-line to the bar (to my left about THREE feet).

Now mind you, I am the ONLY person in the bar and seated almost DIRECTLY across the room from the doorway!!!
I can hear the other voices sort of muttering and then there is a hand on my shoulder and a voice says: "Ed?? Ed Kaler??"!!  I turn in my chair and begin to rise and the hand belongs to Hans!!! Bud is still at the bar!!!  As Hans and I are shaking hands, Hans calls out to Bud that he has found the "gentleman and that is is me!!  So Bud comes over and we shake hands and I get introduced to Paul.   Unbeknownst to me and as we are heading back out to the Group Table, Bud is confiding to Paul that he still is not sure of who I am!!!
We get to the table and intros ensue, menus are read and Carol takes all the orders. Serious "discussions" follow.  Bud's "light bulb" FINALLY comes on and the beginnings of his head shaking and muttering of "I still don't believe your here" begins!! Lasts QUITE awhile!!!

Chow gets eaten, pics are taken and now time to adjourn to parking lot to head off to Alex Gottfried's (54 TF from Sudbury, MA) for a mini tech session. Dutiful MGers that the group is, cars collected to a single location for serious Photo Op!!  It has begun to MIST in the middle of a BEAUTIFUL day!!   Hans has advised Bud that top down is NOT cool so Bud puts " Lazarus' " hood up!!
(Editor's Note: THAT equals the world coming to an end for Bud!!  AND Hans is not used to "open air"!!)   I hitch a ride with Denise (THANKS!!) and off we go for a neat ride thru the Mass countryside!!!

After a while (seemingly 8 hours!!) Professor/Engineer/Techie Bud has got the Petronix Electronic Ignition Conversion installed and the TF running!!!
Congrats Bud!!!
So now the group prepares to head off into the sunset!!
I get "assigned" to be re-offered up to my motel in Paul's GREAT TC!!   One NEEDS to get a ride on an expressway in a RightHand drive car!!!
As Paul and I are riding along, GENIUS struck me!!
I say to Paul: "Where is a State Trooper when you want one??".
Paul says "Why?".
So I said (as I waved both my hands in the air: "Just so I could wave Hello to him!!".
We both laugh!!
And so Paul and I pull into my motel.
My "Excellent Adventure" to "Hans Across the Water 2006" ends!!

T H A N K   Y O U    A L L   for a   G R E A T   time  !!

Paul is practicing Chop Sticks!!
Bud saying "I don't understand!!"
Jeff says, "But, Bud???"

Bud has erected "Lazarus'" hood for Hans!

(Bud is foundling his MGTD Plate!)
Bud, Alex & a disbelieving Denise!                      

Grateful Hans with Frank & Linda!!

Paul in his great TC!!                      

WAITING to "scare" me!!                      
Denise and her GREAT "Thorp Mobile" MGB!      

Again, THANKS for the ride!!


Frank checking out Denise's interior!
Same group as to Left!

Denise 'splain' and "macho" Paul !

        Linda, Bud, Frank, Denise, Alex, Paul Hans, Frank, Bud, Denise, Alex, Me & Paul.    

Linda "trying" to use a camera!!           

but she couldn't make mine work?!?!           
           Bud in WAY over his head!!!
           "Trying" to use a digital camera!
Bud's take on this "subject"!!

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