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Lucas  Technical  Service
Overseas Technical Correspondence Course

Please note, the first ten [10] Titles are *.pdf files and maybe
downloaded as needed.  You will need Adobe Reader at minimum.
The last Title is a *.zip file containing all of the ten [10] Titles.
You will need a 'decoder' program to extract the files.

Section # 0 General Information Down Load

Section # 1 Lead Acid Batteries Down Load

Section # 2 Starting Motors Down Load

Section # 3 Coil Ignition Down Load

Section # 4 Generators Down Load

Section # 5 Generator Output Control Down Load

Section # 6 Vehicle Wiring Circuits Down Load

Section # 7 Lighting Down Load

Section # 8 Windshield Wipers - Horns - Semaphone & Flashing Light
Direction Indicators - Interior Light Curcuits
Down Load

Section # 9 Electrically Controlled Overdrive Down Load

Section #10 Entire Course Down Load

Get Adobe Reader

Get WinZip

My THANKS to Alan Seigrist the AHCUSA Rep. from Hong Kong, China.

Besides the OTHER Articles on this site,
there is a good library on John Sims [AH 100-6] to be found here.

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