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1979 MG Midget
in Charleston, SC

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  Every now and then (usually separated by years) I consider selling my '79 Midget. Now is one of those times again. In the past I was disappointed with the low values on these cars, so I held onto it, figuring it served me better than the paltry money it would bring. Now I have quite a bit of work to do on my two big Healeys and could use the cash to help out.

I found the car in '96 with 10K original miles. I have put on another 25k or so (will have to check for exact). When I purchased it I replaced tires and other things that suffered from non-use. It has been a very good running car for me. After the last time I considered selling and changed my mind, I decided to have some fun with the car. This led to some changes from its very original state. I added headers and changed out the Stromberg for dual SUs. The current muffler is a glass pack. I have a NOS Stebro exhaust I will consider including with the car depending on sales price. The latest change I made was shared with this group a short while back. I made a wood dash unit and matching steering wheel. The original, non-cracked dash will go with the car.

Overall, the car is in excellent condition. The driver seat has a tear at the top that I caused by resting my hand there while getting into the car. There is a crease on the left side where the door opened into it. My son was rolling it out of the garage with the door open. It has a stereo radio and tape player that I had put in. The car is white with black interior and black stripes down the sides. The top is only a few years old and has spent that time mostly folded in the garage.
I will take a new series of pictures if anyone is interested. I'm offering to this group before going the dreaded ebay route. The car is located in the Charleston area of South Carolina. I drove it here from New Jersey when we made the move in 2001. It ran flawlessly the entire 750 mile trip. I believe it can be driven anywhere with confidence.

A contribution to the health and welfare of my big Healeys in the amount of $4000 will be much appreciated and will also get you the Stebro exhaust.

Mike Lempert     (843) 856 7542      Charleston, SC
  Some pictures of it can be seen at the bottom of this gallery:
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