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8" x 10" Black & White Photograph of
DMH with the 1956 Endurance Streamliner !!!
outside the Cape Works in Warwick
with ( what I have learned would become Patrick Quinn's [of Oz] )
BN-3 next to the building.

I just found this photograph and have NO idea of how or when I got it.

It IS a real photo with a very minor chemical decomposition on very top right which is only able to be seen by tilting under a bright light. It also has a very minor 'dent' (links to pics below and the 'dent' is in red lined box) which also can only been seen like above (tilting).
In/On all of the 'linked' pages I have a 'border'. This was done so that you may actually see the 'edges' of the picture. The border is NOT the edge of the picture!!

This is NOT a thumbnail !   They are BELOW the pic.

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