"The Story of # 58"
Jacques Le Clainche

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Car/Chassis number: AN5-L/24565    Engine number: 9C-U-H/24063        
Body number: BAE/24374
Built 7 October 1959          Shipped to US on 9 October 1959.

I feel I was lucky to find, in San Diego, an Austin Healey "Bugeye" Sprite with local racing history. Mr. Tony Garvin from El Cajon, CA, bought the car new in 1960, and raced it for ten years in H production class with SCCA. The photo above was taken in July 1968 at Riverside, where the owner shared the driving with another local racer for a 6-hour enduro.

The second owner, Mr. Bob Lewis, won the Castrol winter Series with the Bugeye in 1971. One year later, he sold the car to Bob Stapleford, a San Diego resident. After suitable modifications, Mr. Stapleford drove it on the street for years. As part of a full restoration spanning three years, he returned the Bugeye to its former racing specifications, and started racing in F production class with a vintage racing association (VARA) in 1999.

I bought the car from Mr. Stapleford's widow in February 2001.