" Madge "
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Kate Bales's 1972 MG Midget
"Wheel chock"
     "Madge has about 4000 miles on her currrent engine, which I rebuilt myself on the kitchen table.

      Yes, I was single at the time.

      To date, the engine leaks nothing! Obviously, I did something wrong.

      I have a Datsun 5 speed, but it seemed foolish to pull a brand new ribcase, so the 5 speed is still in the Datsun. I might yet do the conversion someday, or may sell the Datsun as is.

      I think my next project will be figuring out where the brake fluid is going so I can stop without the e-brake.

      Madge's odometer has been stuck at 80,000 since 1976, so I have no way to accurately judge her true mileage, but she was my daily driver for over 10 years, so she must have well over 200,000. She has always been an extremely dependable, as well as fun car to drive. I have autocrossed, rallied, toured, and generally abused her, and the harder she is driven the better she runs. She is surprisingly quick for a nearly stock Spridget. I have taken her around the road course at PIR within less than a second of the course record for her class.

      Not bad for a fat old lady, huh? Embarrased the heck out of a DeLorean driver that thought MGs didn't go that fast."