Sue and Dave Northrup's
1972 TR-6

The Northrups email is: sumton AT

Car is a very late '72 (about 300 from the end of 72 production) Mallard Green.

Although this does not show it, current modifications include overdrive,
Good Parts 3 carb, mild cam, Good Parts lowered springs and front/rear sway bars.
Other than that, its pretty stock. 

Car has been in Texas its whole life; was delivered to Houston, went to
Amarillo for many years until it came to Dallas, where it is now.
The interior has likely been redone; car has been repainted in it's
original color.  True mileage unknown.

It shares a stable with a '73 MGB and a '67 Datsun 1600 Roadster.

Page created Jan. 21, 2006