Spridgets Screen Saver Download

Here's where you get the screen saver. Before I say anything else, I want to thank "JustBrits" Ed Kaler for offering his web space for this huge file!

If you want to see the pictures before you download the screen saver, click here.  This page includes thumbnail versions of all the pictures from the screen saver, so it will download more quickly than the actual screen saver download.  If you want the screen saver, though, you'll have to download the actual installation file as described below.

Please note, this screen saver will only work on PC's, not Macs. Sorry!


  1. Click here to start downloading the 3.4 MB file.
  2. Go get a cup of coffee.  In Brazil.
  3. You'll be prompted by your web browser to specify where the downloaded file should be saved.  Remember where you save it!  You may choose to put it on your desktop so it will be easy to find or you may choose to create a temporary directory for the setup file.  I prefer the latter.
  4. Find the setup file and double-click it to run it.  The screen saver will be installed and will become the default screen saver for your PC.
Please let me know if you have any trouble with these directions or if I've been too vague.