Austin-Healey 3000 "Sump Protection Plate"


J. Scott Morris

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Conversion of inch decimals to fractions
5 0.250 = 1/4"
0.312 = 5/16"
0.375 = 3/8"
0.437 = 7/16"
0.562 = 9/16 "
0.625 = 5/8"
0.750 = 3/4"
0.812 = 13/16"
0.875 = 7/8"
0.937 = 15/16"


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Oil Pan Protection Plate Template

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Austin Healey 3000 "Sump Protection Plate"
Now to the source of the "Austin Service Journal" page for the Austin Healey 3000 "Sump Protection Plate".

BMC located it's Repair and Parts depot in Hamilton, Ontario in the early 50's. From time to time at flea markets in southern Ontario, various technical manuals, documents, papers, binders, whatever, appear. I have a habit of checking under vendor's tables and browsing through "stuff". Over the years I have found a number interesting things.

The above noted "Austin Service Journal" was picked up about a decade ago at a local flea market. It was in the bottom of a box of binders dealing with mostly North American cars located under a vendors table. It covers the years 1960 - 1961 and contains technical updates for the entire range of vehicles provided by BMC in Canada. It seems to have originated in the UK and was distributed to all distributors and dealers. From the binder, I have abstracted the pages that pertain to the Austin Healey [100-4, 100-6, 3000, and Sprite] and those that are of generic interest and put them into a separate binder. Following this note is an "msword" index attachment.

In a similar fashion, I picked up a BMC binder with "Technical Service Bulletin" dated from August 1, 1963 to September 2, 1964. For all models it contains bulletins about service tools, modifications introduced, and repair issues with suggested solutions. The first page states:

"These (Technical Service Bulletins) will be printed on yellow paper identical to that used in this Bulletin. They can be filed in the brown-four hold folder - already in your possession, part number AKD 1459. The Bulletins will be BMC in nature and the models covered by each Bulletin will be clearly stated at the top. The usual indexes will be issued from time to time"

There was no index and I have yet to develop my own regarding the Austin Healey. Likewise, I got a sister publication "Parts Information Bulletin" dated from May 1, 1964 to December 10, 1965. The first page states:

"This series, with its own distinctive heading and binder, replaces the precious series which commenced in August 1959. Bulletins from the previous series, which are still relevant, have been re-printed. Where the information has now been incorporated in a current U.K. parts list, the 1964 fast moving Parts Catalogue etc.; the bulletin has been deleted. The intention behind this series of bulletins is to provide parts managers with a convenient source for information which is not otherwise available, to distribute advance information, etc."

Within this binder is a listing of the BMC coding scheme for the "identification from the part number of certain standard parts such as bolts, washer, nuts, etc." Another section deals with "information on the availability of Competition Parts on the various B.M.C. Models and especially on Coopers, Healey Sprites, M.G. Midgets, M.G.A., Austin-Healey and M.G.B." All in all, I have found this binder to be of great interest.

Another binder I found [AKD1459 binder only] contained a "Repair Time Schedule" confidential to BMC distributors and dealers. Among the various saloons and sport cars, it includes the Healey Sprite (Mk.II) & MG Midget, MGB, and Austin Healey 3000 (Mk.II) & BJ7. This complements a schedule for 3000 Mk.II that I came across in the mid-90's and transcribed into a Lotus 123 spread sheet.[at that time, I used the spread sheet as a word processor]. For various jobs on my own 3000 Mk II tricarb, I can readily estimate the time it will take and cost; both are tripled if I try to do it myself.

Earlier this month [September 2002] I attended a large flea market in Barrie, Ontario which requires about 3 solid days to cover it all; which I was not able to do. I did find a special "Lucas Test Data Manual" binder dated April 1965. It covers generators, starting motors, ignition coils, distributors, regulators, etc. This is one binder which is taking some time to go through, but it is of great interest.

These are only some of the documents and binders that have crossed my path over the years. Someday I may even put together a complete inventory of what I have accumulated.

Sump Protection Plate

Turning now to the page on the "Sump Protection Plate" for the 3000 BN7 and BT7, dated November 11, 1960, I scanned it as a 'jpeg' file after finding the 'bmp' file way to large to email to anyone. This file was inserted into an 'msword' document and I added a conversion of the decimal and metric measurements to fractions. I also looked for ways to clean up the diagram of the plate to make a template to use to actually make a plate. This was done using a photo clean-up program and another 'jpeg' file created and inserted in the 'msword' document. With testing, I was able to take the measurements off this small picture, calculate the percentage size increase to get to full sized scale and use this 'percentage' to create a photocopy on ledger sized paper. A second method to get a full sized template was to copy the 'jpeg' file into the 'msword' document two more times but on legal sized paper. I now could print out the two pages on my own printer, put them side by side, measure the correct length and then scotch tape them together. I think I had better stop here. If you have any questions or want clarification, drop me a note at J. Scott Morris. I will try to get back to you within a reasonable time.

Austin Service Journal.

Description Vehicle Date
Water Pump Pulley 3000 Mk II 1961-11-29
Boot lid buffers Sprite Mk II 1961-11-28
Clutch pressure plate Sprite Mk II 1961-11-28
Seat Belts-fitting 3000 Mk II 1961-11-24
Seat Belts-fitting Sprite Mk II 1961-11-24
Seat Belts-fitting Sprite 1961-11-16
Seat Belts-fitting 100-6 1961-11-16
Seat Belts-fitting 3000 1961-11-16
Crankshaft gear Sprite Mk II 1961-10-27
Accelerator relay shaft & lever 3000 Mk II 1961-10-27
Accelerator pedal & pedal shaft lever 3000 Mk II 1961-10-27
Disk brakes-dust covers 3000 1961-10-24
Boot lid hinge Sprite Mk II 1961-09-27
Valve-exhaust Sprite Mk II 1961-09-27
Dynamo adjusting link Sprite Mk II 1961-09-27
Inlet manifold Sprite Mk II 1961-09-27
Front wings [fenders] 100 [BN1 & BN2] 1961-08-11
Service Tools-bezel spanners All 1961-08-10
Replacement of Camshaft bearings Sprite Mk II 1961-08-10
Hub bearing remover & replacement 3000 1961-07-11
Overheating-grill obstructions All 1961-07-04
Seat Belts-fitting Sprite Mk II 1961-06-06
Seat Belts-fitting 3000 Mk II 1961-06-06
Overdrive Throttle Switch-setting 100-6 & 3000 1961-05-05
Throttle control linkage 100-6 & 3000 1961-05-05
Road wheel & Tyre balance Sprite 1961-02-03
Road wheel & Tyre balance 3000 1961-02-03
Description Vehicle Date
SU date marking system explained All 1961-01-13
Control box Sprite 1961-01-04
Control box 100-6 & 3000 1961-01-04
Lubrication of bonnet release All 1961-01-04
Engine oil filter bolt torque All 1960-12-15
Overdrive lubrication 100 1960-12-07
Overdrive lubrication 100-6 & 3000 1960-12-07
Body alignment checking jig Sprite 1960-11-23
Replacement shell & parts req’d Sprite 1960-11-22
Sump protection plate 3000 1960-11-11
Rad hoses 3000 1960-10-18
Change-speed lever 3000 1960-10-18
Disc brake pads 3000 1960-10-18
Rear tyre fouling 3000 1960-10-18
Windscreen contamination [silicone] All 1960-10-18
Brake pipe unions All 1960-10-06
Undersealing All 1960-10-06
Disc brake pads 3000 1960-09-09
Disc brake squeal 3000 1960-09-09
Petrol [gas] pipes Sprite 1960-09-07
Hand brake cable clip 3000 1960-09-07
Front road springs 3000 1960-09-07
Gearbox-design change 3000 1960-05-05
Pipe-vacuum ignition control Sprite 1960-05-05
Main & connecting rod bearings-change material Sprite 1960-03-30
Main & connecting rod bearings-change material 100-6 & 3000 1960-03-30
Synchromesh unit assembly ring Sprite 1960-03-29
Disk brakes-dust covers 3000 1960-03-14
Rad-chg in gills / inch 3000 1960-02-10