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MGTD Rear end as received!!

The History !

  Gentleman calls and says that shortly after pulling out of a parking
place and just after shifting into 2nd gear (while doing about 20
MPH), car locked up. He said that motor ran fine (idle) and with
clutch depressed, transmission Shifted fine. Car would still not go.

Had it flat-bedded home and inspected rear axle unit.
On jack stands, wheels would NOT turn. Then he noticed "holes"
in the the casing and called me.

Needless to say, I was a dis-believer!!
We made arrangements for him to bring it to my shop once he had
removed the unit from his car.

Even once in front of me I could not believe my eyes!!

For that reason, I have documented this episode for all to review.

Click here and let's take a look!!

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